Anca Irina Lefter is a complex artist living in Nice, France: a painter, an art designer focused on conceptual bag design with the signature AIL and a designer of accessories in leather and stage costumes under the signature collection – Ch2 Vinyls, specially created for artists David Guetta, Tara McDonald, Bill Patrick, Luciano.

Anca was born in Tulcea Danube- Delta in a family of artist and alchemist. Her first painting lesson was when she was 2 years old in Children’s Palace in Tulcea with Master Vlahos as a teacher. When she was 15, she decided to move alone to Bucharest Romania to study mural arts in Tonitza High School- Art School- in Bucharest.

Her dream was to study drawing in Lorenzo Di Medici in Firenze but Anca felt that the society was not ready to encourage artists back then she decided to study Business Management and master’s in business Negotiations in Media Pro University and to work in real- estates and sales in banks.
After six years, Anca decided to come back to arts, so she took everything she had and went to study in Barcelona – Spain at the Institute of Design, Accessories design and then, after she fall in love with leather started to study in the same institution Leather Design and Leather School in Santa Croce – Florence -Italy. 
Still she always painted during this time, and although her focus was to create bags, her first love is and remained painting.

Considered a real phenomenon, a romantic visionary with an excentric style, Anca is a complete conceptual artist, creative accessories designer and a painter. She loves to travel, to put people together, to connected with their hearts and to co-create. In 2013 she started her spiritual path and after traveling all over the world she discovered that people need to feel more then to stay in their mind all the time and to remember the forces of nature. This is how Portal Immersive Art Experience was born.
AIL’s collections and unique leather creations can be viewed on www.ancairinalefter.com.


1987 – 2000 Drawing courses for children at the Popular Art School – Tulcea 1999 – 2001 – TuIcea, Romania
2001 – 2003 She studied at the Art High School in Tulcea, section “Fine Arts” – Tulcea, Romania
2003 – 2007 She attends the “Nicolae Tonitza” high school in Bucharest, “Mural Arts” section – Bucharest, Romania
2007 Studies at Media Pro University of Bucharest – Faculty of Business Administration in English
Bachelor’s degree in business management with the marketing theme “Branding – Moet & Chandon luxury products” – Bucharest, Romania
2007 She attends the ikebana course at Dalles School – Bucharest, Romania
2009 – 2010 European Institute of Design in Barcelona, Spain, section “Design of accessories ”,Spain
2011 – 2012 European Institute of Design in Florence, “Leather Design” section, together with the Leather School of Santa Croce, Florence, Italy


24 april 2024 – AIL perfumes, paintings and bags – Brebu (Romania)
2 martie 2024 – Hyperborean Capsule Collection – Brebu (Romania)
29 nov 2022 – Art Gallery Galateca – Bucharest (Romania)
22 mai 2023 – Cannes Film Festival, Cannes (France)
22 apr 2022 – We Wear Art – Gallery L’Entrepot, Monaco
03 dec 2021 – 22 ian 2022 Anniversaire 9 Galateca (Romania)
Portal 21 – May 2022 Paintings, Bags and Perfumes – Gallery L’Entrepot – Monaco
Portal 20 – Dec 2021 Gallery L’Entrepot – Monaco
Portal 19 – June 2021 – Portal Defile in Galerie Signatures – Cannes (France )
Look, Feel & Touch (exhibition of paintings, art bags &music)
Portal 18 – May 2021 – Portal Space in L’Entree des Artistes – Vallauris (France)
Visual experience with music composition from the french music composer Georges Gondard
Portal 17 – Octomber 2020 – Portal Gate – Burning Man – Brasov (Romania)
Portal 16 – August 2020 – Portal Art Experience by Anca Irina Lefter is in Saint-Cézaire-sur-Siagne (France)
Portal experience, ballet and Be a part of me painting experience
Portal 15 – June 2020 – Claire Portal Art Performance in the Garden – Vence (France)
Portal 14 – April 2020 – Portal AI Artwork Portal – Scena 9 Bucharest (Romania)
Parallel Universes & 5 Senses in Artificial Intelligence by Irina Raicu
Portal 13 – February 2020 – Erotic Design Fair – Bucharest (Romania)
Portal Feminine Experience & Conferences about Intimicy
Portal 12 – Portal Art Experience Exhibition & Conference in Romanian Accademy of Science (Bucharest)
Portal 11- November 2019 – Portal Art Experience Roots (Mos Nicolae Altfel) Campina (Romania)
Paintings, music, poetry, restyling fashion traditional costumes, sculpture
Portal 10 – November 2019 – Portal Air & Water paintings and ceramics experience – Grasee (Romania)
Portal 9 – November 2019 – Parallel Universes Experience – Embassy of Mexico – Dia de las Muertes in Bucharest (Romania)
Portal 8 – Octomber 2019 – in Intercontinental Bucuresti (Romania)
Portal Art Experience & Be a part of me Experience
Portal 7 – September 2019 -Villeneuf Loubet (Romania)
F7 Feminine Cicle Experience
Portal – September 2019- Nice Tennis (Romania)
Portal 5 – August 2019- IWA charity event – Bucharest (Romania)
IWA: The International Women’s Association of Bucharest
Portal 5- August 2019- Botanical Garden in Bucharest (Romania)
Art Therapy with children
Portal 4 – July 2019 – Paesent Museum in Bucharest (Romania)
Portal 3 – February 2019- Portal Art Experience & Aroma Therapy
Feeling of the day – Rennaisance Art Gallery in Bucharest (Romania)
Portal 2 – November 2018 -The Inventic Salon in Romexpo (Bucharest)
Portal Art Experience & Nano Plasmatic Technologie
Portal 1- November 2018 – Universul Palace (paintings, music design, video design, bio instalation and nano plasmatic technologie & Be a part of me experience)2019 Portal 2 Immersive Art Experience exhibition at Romexpo at the Inventica fair Bucharest, Romania
2019 Expozitie Portal 1 Immersive Art Experience la Palatul Universul – Bucharest, Romania
2018 Participation in the economic mission and presence in the catalog in China (in the China cities of Ningbo, Shanghai, Suzhou) at INTERTEXTILE
2017 Picture exhibition and bags in Buzau in the Art Gallery – Buzau, Romania
2017 Presentation of the bag collection at Hotel laki in Mamaia – Romania
2017 Presentation of the two paintings “The Dream” and “The Nightmare” during the Romania Night of Galleries event at Alexandra’s Gallery
2017 Launch of collection in Ikoonik store
2017 Launch of paintings on the Saaatchi Art website in London (UK) – London, UK
2017 Exhibition of AIL bags and paintings collections on the “Etsy” site in the USA
2017 AIL bag and painting donation for the Regina Maria Foundation during the “Good Romania Deeds” event in Stejarii
2017 Personal picture exhibition AIL and Ana Necolau with poetry at Omega House – Romania
2017 Creative camp in Bran in partnership with Alexandra’s Gallery – Romania
2017 Bag exhibition at Alexandra’s Gallery – Romania
2017 AIL bag worn by Blogger Alina Vlad at Milan Fashion Week – Milan, Italy
2017 Presentation of the AIL bags collection at the Avanpremiere Gala – Romania
2017 Bag exhibition during the IceeFest event – Bucharest
2017 Exhibition in the Stylezza online store on the Cote d’Azur Cote d’Azur, France
2016 Custom menu collection – Crama Neo (Spain)
2016 Collection created especially from leather rock menus with discs for “The Doors” in Romania
2016 AIL bag collection – special limited edition line for Campari – Bucharest, Romania
2016 AIL bag collection (briefcases, wallets and laptop covers) – Tudor Tailor partnership Bucharest, Romania
2016 Galateca Contemporary Art Gallery in Bucharest and Neo Galateca Shop is presenting CH 2 Vinyls and Blood Line paintings series of Anca Irina Lefter – Bucharest, Contemporary Art – Bucharest Romania
2016 Personal picture exhibition “Solar” at the Botanical Garden in Bucharest, Romania
2015 Personal painting exhibition “Color Exercises” in The Grand Avenue Gallery at JW Bucharest, Marriott Grand Hotel – Bucharest, Romania
2015 Exhibition and sale in the store http://mynameisbrand.ro/319_anca-irina-lefter – Romania
2015 Partnership and launch of the collection in the online store in the UK – www.tellusfashion.com
2015 Mirror leather dress created for Gala Wella in Bucharest – Bucharest, Romania
2015 The presence of the leather outfit and skirt with fireworks created by AIL for the Bucharest, singer Cristina Vasiu on stage at the “Eurovision” show Romania
2015 The presence of the 2 leather dresses created to order for the singer Loredana Groza, presented on stage during the show “Vocea Romaniei” – Bucharest, Romania
2015 Present to the event http://bucharest-style.com/band-of-creators-a-recreat-tara-minunilor-pentru-lansarea-colectiilor-de-primavaravara-2014-a-10-tineri-designeri/ – Bucharest, Romania
2015 AIL partnership with Asos International Store (UK) UK
2014 Launch of the collection in the Endra.ro store and launch event – Bucharest, Romania
2014 Launch in the WM Designers Concept Store – Bucharest, Romania
2014 Launching the collection in the MyCloset online store – Bucharest, Romania
2014 Launch collection in the Band of Creators store – Bucharest, Romania
2014 Launch of the collection within the Gallery of Romanian Designers – Bucharest, Romania
2014 Launch of the collection of bags and accessories in the Holy Fashion store in Bucharest on Paris Street – Paris, France
2014 Launch event for the collection of AIL bags in the Blanche store in Dorobanti – Bucharest, Romania
2014 AIL fashion show and launch of the “Funk Me with Love” and “Moonlight” leather accessories collection at Story in Herastrau Park – Bucharest, Romania
2014 Picture exhibition during the Atipic Beauty event – Romania
2014 Participation in the Micam-Mipel International Fair in Milan (Italy) with AIL bag collections
2013 Presentation of AIL bags during Almaty Fashion Week (Kazakhstan)
2013 Presentation of the collection of bags for brides at the International Brides Fair – Barcelona (Spain)
2013 The Al Mahara bag collection was presented at Doha Fashion Week (UAP) – Doha
2013 The Al Mahara bag collection was presented at Dubai Fashion Week (UAP) – Dubai
2013 Presentation of the Choice Collection of bags at the Micam – Mipel international fair in Milan (Italy)
2013 Collection presentation at the V for Vintage fair in the Molecule F stand – Bucharest, Romania
2013 Molecule F – Choice collection launch event in the Blanche store – Bucharest, Romania
2013 Launch of the AIL collection at Gallery 15 Design – Hanul cu Tei – Bucharest, Romania
2013 Exhibition of accessories and paintings Anca Irina Lefter in Cafepedia, Bucharest – Bucharest, Romania
2012 Launch of a collection in AFI Cotroceni in the People’s Fashion store – Romania
2012 Diva Hair styling contest – Bucharest, Romania
2012 AIL collection exhibition at Hotel Caro during the Lady March event – Bucharest, Romania
2012 Launch of the Revenge on Valentine’s Bag Collection at Cafepedia in Bucharest – Bucharest, Romania
2012 Launch of AIL bags in the IHEART – Bucharest, Romania
2012 Launch of the Ch2 Vinyls collection in the prestigious The Place store in Dorobanti – Bucharest, Romania
2011 Presents a collection of bags for business women during the “Lawyer Coaching” event with Roy Martina – Bucharest, Romania
2011 Launches AIL creations at the Boticca international store – Bucharest, Romania
2011 Launches AIL creations at the Boticca international store – Bucharest, Romania
2011 AIL creates a series of limited edition exotic leather bags for The PLACE store in Bucharest – Bucharest, Romania
2011 AIL presents models of classic men’s briefcases in professional training courses for Lawyer Coaching lawyers – Bucharest, Romania
2011 AIL exhibits the Ch2 Vinyls collection within the Street Delivery event organized by Carturesti – Bucharest, Romania
2011 Avon Award for 125 Outstanding Women – Bucharest, Romania
2011 Presentation of CH2 Vinyls bags in Cocor Shopping Center store – Bucharest, Romania
2011 Athenne Palace Hilton Bucharest fashion show – Romania
2011 Launch of the Cocor collection – Romania
2010 Launch of the “IconSs” collection in the Ordinary People Concept Store – Bucharest, Romania
2010 Personal exhibition Hotel Delta Tulcea -Tulcea, Romania
2010 Personal painting exhibition at Zen Sushi restaurant Bucharest, Romania
2010 Presentation of accessories “Soiree du la Mode” in the presentation of Florin Dobrela – AtheneePalace Hilton Bucharest – Bucharest, Romania
2010 Presentation of accessories in Polus Mall Cluj at Cluj Fashion Week – Cluj Napoca, Romania
2010 Open showroom with clothing accessories, unique products Wings store in Bucharest – Bucharest, Romania
2010 Showroom with clothing accessories, unique products in Idelier store in Bucharest – Bucharest, Romania
2010 Anca Irina Lefter store with clothing accessories in the Cocor store within the Bucharest, Gallery of Romanian Artists – Romania
2010 Personal exhibition at Cramele Recas in Bucharest – Bucharest, Romania
2010 International project with Italian pianist Giuseppe Devastato – creation of the cover of the CD “The Neapolitan Masters” with oil painting by Anca Irina Lefter called “Dream Path” exhibited in 26 countries and promoted in the US and Europe through concerts and exhibitions the painting
2009 Personal exhibition at the “larmaroc Festival” – Paulesti – Paulesti, Romania
2009 Personal exhibition entitled “Rouge Fatale” in Embassy, Bucharest – Bucharest, Romania
2009 Personal exhibition at the “Spune pe Scurt” Short Film Festival, Bucharest – Bucharest, Romania
2009 Personal exhibition at Delta Hotel, Tulcea – Tulcea, Romania
2008 Personal exhibition “Silance” at the Association of Visual Artists in Bucharest – Bucharest, Romania
2008 Group exhibition at the Spring Salon in Herastrau Park – Association of visual artists – Bucharest, Romania
Artists from Bucharest – Bucharest, Romania
2008 She became member of the National Union of Plastic
2006 – LA SCENA, Personal Exhibition “Fior Oranj” Bucharest